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About us

Our goals...

FareTarget.com is a compact travel booking platform.

Our aim is to attract travelers to our website and persuade them to compare the prices of travel booking sites.

Fare Target intermediates between the person who searches for travel services and the companies that offer them.

Travelers will be delighted to find a place where they get connected with the services of most major travel agents and airlines. They will be able to book from them directly, after comparing the prices and selecting the ones they find more adequate.


Our experience and motivation...

Our experience goes back to 2001, when the online travel industry was still young and emerging. Today it is a whole immaterial industry with major billions of dollars-worth actors on it.

Throughout the years, we have concluded that many travelers have shown high levels of in satisfaction about online booking. We are trying to resolve these with our new site: FareTarget.com.

We are motivated by the wish to create and easy to use online price comparison platform, which allows users to access the best offers of the major travel service-providers.