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Here below are the F.A.Q.'s related to online booking and our website in general.


1. How do I see the prices and services of multiple travel agents?

If you use the search boxes on pages: Flights, Hotels, Cars, Cruises, Packages, then you will be shown a list of banners and you will be able to select the agent you wish.


2. Do I need to search multiple times in order to find the best and cheapest service?

Yes, it is recommended that you search several times and try out several travel agents.

 siness since 2001. Fare Target is a new enterprise launched in 2008 in partnership with several well-known travel agents and online booking sites.


3. What is the list on the "Hot deals" page?

It presents a list with the latest discount travel deals. Pre-selected services appear on the list and by choosing one of them, you get beamed directly to the page where you can buy it!


4. How do I obtain any service that I book?

Because Fare Target intermediates between you and many companies, we are not the ones who sell the services.

In order to get in possession of them, you will have to book on the site that sells it. Rules are different from site to site and you will have to verify them before purchase.


5. How do I check if the online transaction is secure?

Every website (travel gent or airline) accessible through FareTarget.com uses a secure payment gateway. In order to verify the security of any of these gateways, you will have to click on the lock logo, which will appear on the lower bar of your web browser.