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Why choose us?

For the following 5 reasons:


1. Access to the offers major travel agents!

Travel agents usually sell their own services, but how about having them all in one? Compare prices & buy from whom you like!

We give you access to the offers of many major agents, such as: Expedia, Orbitz, Mobissimo, Travelocity, JetBlue Airways, Cheap Tickets, Delta Airlines, Priceline and many more!


2. Find the hottest deals on the internet

Under our "Hot deals" section, you will find the best selected discounted travel deals on the whole internet.

From multiple travel agents, the selection is delivered to you on a single, simple list!


3. Rapidity & efficiency

You'll find your best service faster and easier than elsewhere. Our built-in engines are lightning-fast!


4. Simplicity

As you see, Fare Target is a simple site, but packs all you need.

Clear and easy to understand content helps our clients reach their goals.


5. Rely on our experience

We have been activating in the online travel business since 2001. Fare Target is a new enterprise launched in 2008 in partnership with several well-known travel agents and online booking sites.